Are you ready for a change?

Why do speed dating? 

A lot of people have asked that very question.  Well, with today’s busy schedules, it is harder than ever to meet other singles that are the right age and interested in a relationship. 


What IDT does is brings an equal number of men and women together.  From there, they are matched up for a few minutes and then rotated so that they meet others at the party.  It is a low-pressure environment where you can actually get to know someone without worrying about “does he like me?” or “will she give me her number, if I ask?”.  It takes the guess work out of the dating equation.


After the event, each participant will log into their account from home and input their matches…within a day or so, they will find out if the people they chose picked them.  It’s that easy!


About Me:


Why did I get into it?  I guess I have always been a matchmaker at heart.  I enjoy seeing people “click”.  Also, as a single person, I have tried everything out there to meet other singles.  I’ve gone to bars, had blind dates and did online dating.  I tried to be where other singles would be…wore myself out!  LOL  I know firsthand how difficult it can be.

A few years back, I signed up for a speed dating event and loved the concept.  I met lots of singles face-to-face in one night.  After that, I signed up to host the events and did that for 3 years.  I’ve seen one marriage and have been told of several relationships that developed after meeting at an event.


If you are still considering it, I would ask you this:  Why not spend a couple of hours trying something new and see what happens?   


It could be the best decision you’ve ever made.